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bay to the mid-60s around the bay. but along the central coast we could do better with that with upper 60s to near 70. tonight it will be clear and we will retain some of the warmth for a little while. numbers will be in the 50s to the 40s but we are talking about a change in the dry weather pattern. i'll show you the seven-day outlook coming up. katie. >> thank you, lisa. >> developing news this morning at police continue to investigate one of 49ers star players. michael track key has been accused of sexual assault. kira klapper is live at the hall of justice with what happened. kira. >> the assault reportedly happened in a san francisco hotel early last sunday morning just hours after the 49ers playoff victory over the green bay packers. police are still piecing together their investigation. crabtree has not been detained, nor arrested. police say he is cooperating. crabtree is in atlanta right now with the 49ers for tomorrow's
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nfc championship game. fans here in san francisco are shocked to hear of the investigation of this star player. >> i don't understand why these guys who have it so good and who are such big in the news right now, why they would do something or he would do something that could potentially hurt not only himself and his family, but the team. >> as a fan, i'm going to back him up until it comes through. but right now it sounds fake. >> the san francisco police special victims' unit is continuing to investigate the allegations. after their work is complete, the investigation will be turned over to the district attorney's office. last night the 49ers released this statement. quote, we are aware of the allegation against mikeel and understands that he has fully cooperated with authorities. the 49ers take such matters very seriously. our calls and e-mails to both michael crabtree, his agent and
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his attorney have not yet been returned. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >> okay, kira, thank you. 6:03 now. while the 49ers take on the falcons tomorrow in atlanta, another major sport event will be happening here on the west coast. the mavericks surf competition is on. that means the high surf advisory is also in effect. abc news reporter allen wong tells us the warning for anyone venturing near the shore. >> as the sunset on ocean beach in san francisco, surfers talked about the big waves and sunny skies expected this weekend. >> and that's what is so dangerous about this weekend. it is supposed to be really nice. people are going to want to go into the water and enjoy the day. >> but authorities are warning people to be aware of strong riptides and sneaker waves. waves that literally sneak up on you. >> i was out here a few years ago when the sneaker waves claimed the lives of two or three people in one day.
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>> i was out there and when it gets powerful, it's scary. never turn your back on the ocean. >> it can make it hard for even the strongest swimmer to avoid the riptide. >> last year a really good surfer died. >> he died at the same place where the maverick surf competition is being held this sunday. in 2010 about 40 spectators were injured there after a rogue wave swept a crowd off the rocks. a sneaker wave is also responsible for the death of a man who drown near point reyes while trying to rescue his dog on new year's day. >> as rule of thumb we don't go far out into the water. honestly, though, if it were warmer, i don't know. >> that's exactly what authorities are worried about. it's good to repeat the same warning you heard in our story, never turn your bark on the ocean. reporting in pacifica, i'm allen wong, abc7 news. 24 surfers from around the world compete in the the mavericks international tomorrow morning. yesterday's surf was mild but
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the contest organizer said by tomorrow the waves will be at least 30 feet and intense. >> we will put these guys on their edge. they will have to bring an edge to surf these waves. >> tens of thousands of spectators are expected. beaches and cliffs are closed and parking is restricted in nearby princeton by the sea. some plan to provide live video of the events. san francisco police want to know what led to the death of a pedestrian south of market. we first showed you the scene on seventh and howard streets on abc7 news last might at six. at least two vehicles hit the victim around 5:45. officers say both drivers remained at the scene and they are cooperating with investigators. tensions erupted outside a san jose court hearing for a handyman accused of murder. ricardo hernandez shot and killed christopher soriano on the morning of new year's eve. hernandez said he was trying to detain soriano because he thought he was responsible for a series of car break-ins in his apartment complex.
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during a hearing one of the family members struggled outside of the courthouse. hernandez blames his employer for not providing enough security at the apartment complex where he lived and worked. >> had they been proactive this would never have happened. >> he had an illegal gun, for god's sake, and he killed a man, a father of five children. >> hernandez' family has launched an online petition calling to free him for jail and to raise money for his defense. he will return to court next month. abc7 news has confirmed san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi, and his wife are being sued for loss of character. it stems from the domestic violence incident on new year's eve in 2011. there was a neighbor who videotape her arm. she called police that led to his arrest and suspension.
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the sheriff later pled guilty to false imprisonment and was reinstated. during the ordeal he harshly criticized madison for contacting police. the sheriff's office is on the lookout for a teenage girl who has not been seen since early thursday morning. the 13-year-old is an eighth grader at burbank middle school. she did not show up for class on thursday. her mother believes she left with her boyfriend, a 23-year-old man. the man has contacted the girl in the past and is a friend of the family. work is set to begin at the bay bridge next week to fix the damage caused by a tanker. the tanker bashed into one of the towers on the western stand, damaging what is known as the fender. the fender absorbed the impact so no damage was actually done to the tower, but it is expected to cost two to three million
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dollars to repair. starting tuesday caltran's crews will begin the work. it will take about 4 1/2 months. coming out next, speaking out. notre dame star linebacker manti te'o talked publicly for the first time about the hoax surrounding his girlfriend who never existed. the parts he says are true and false. and also the fast-food quarterback will tell you the best place for
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turns a gesture into a complete gift of care. >> new this morning, notre dame's all-american linebacker who became entwined in an internet hoax is speaking out for the first time. he is denying any involvement in the dead girlfriend hoax, but he admits now that he never actually met the fictitious lady on the field in stanford in 2009. this photograph shows manti te'o during an off-camera interview with espn's jeremy shep last night. he said the relationship began on facebook and continued on telephone until
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he got word of her, quote, death in september. he also claims he was not completely sure that she didn't exist until three days ago when the perpetrator of the hoax called to apologize to him. the espn interviewer detailed his interview. >> for the record, once again, were you in any way a part of this? manti te'o said to me know, never. i said never? he said never, not ever. >> te'o reportedly admitted when word got out in september that the woman had died that he tailored his stories to make people believe that he had actually met her. if you are hoping to be decked-out in 49ers' apparel for tomorrow's big game and you don't have that apparel yet, you better get on it. there is a run on all things niners. we caught the team as they were leaving san jose for atlanta yesterday. our reporter was there. >> as the 49ers prepare to take on the falcons in atlanta, fans at the sports authority in daly city are buying up the team's apparel. >> i got lucky. the kaepernick jersey i got is a medium size and it was the last
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one. >> he needed a new jersey to wear to the party he's planning with friends. while many will watch from home, other fans will catch the games at places like this pete's tavern in san francisco. >> we've been getting calls since sunday, or saturday evening when they won. everybody wanted reservations and we don't take reservations. first come first served. >> and speaking of food, he said he's been eating a lot of five guys lately so we went to five guys where the general manager said the quarterback comes in almost every day. >> we make sure we take care of him and he always gets a large cajun fry with extra cajun ton -- on it. so we make sure we take care of him real good. >> if all the talk doesn't get you pumped up, maybe this will be the trick. "throw your hands up" is by this clan, the former lead singer of a latin rock band. martin came up with the beat. >> one day i heard this particular beat and i said, man, that's a great, that's a great beat. can i use it? he said absolutely.
6:13 am
it took me about a day and i came up with the lyrics "throw your hands up." if they win he said he would love to sing "throw your hands up" at the super bowl. >> hopefully we will be throwing our hands on sunday in celebration of them going to the super bowl. lots of people are out getting ready tonight. they are excited about 39ers and a lot of people will be watching the game at some of the establishments behind me. abc7 news. a man who won the 49er sweepstakes to attend the nfc championship game departs early this morning on a flight to atlanta. san francisco resident corey royale has never even been on an airplane but this morning they will jump aboard a delta airlines flight to see the berth for the super bowl. as you might expect, corey is very excited about that. abc7 news sports reporter shumann is already in atlanta and he spin the day
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kaepernicking. >> as atlanta prepares to leave the 49ers in sunday's nfc title game, we not only have two different teams, we have two different touchdown celebrations. the dirty bird was made possible back in the late 90s in atlanta. >> the falcons, they got the bird. >> can you do the dirty bird for us? give us a sample. >> like that's correct you know. >> do you remember the dirty bird? >> yes, yeah. >> could you do it? >> i could not do it but i have the cd at home. >> i don't even know how it goes. you can flop around like a chicken but i don't think that's the dirty bird. >> while the 49ers latest touchdown trend is kaepernicking. do you know what kaepernicking is? >> no, i don't. is that a dance? >> when he does anything successful he likes to kiss his biceps. could you kaepernick for us? >> let's see. let me pull this up. >> all right. that would be your forearm.
6:15 am
>> do you think maybe he would do a lot of kaepernicking against the falcons? >> no, no. i don't think so. i think we have a game plan and we will stop him. >> you must be taking some grief as a 49er plan coming up against the falcons. >> definitely have been. almost got jumped in the lunchtime. but that being the casey still wear any 49er cap and we are look for kaepernick to bring it home for us. >> can you do a little kaepernicking? >> sure. >> and there you have it. let's hope collin is doing a lot of kaepernicking sunday against the falcons. reporting in atlanta, mike shumann, abc7 news. >> we will have to start practicing, lisa and i. abc7 news sports reporter mike shumann is in atlanta to cover tomorrow's game between the niners and the falcons and you can catch his reports from atlanta all weekend long. yes, lots of reverse always ahead if we are going to get that move down. >> i'll follow your lead. >> huge mistake.
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>> weather-wise, though? >> very chilly out there. 52 degrees half moon bay right now. our eyes will be along the central coast this afternoon and this weekend with mavericks and the high surf advisory. the swells building this morning. you are looking downtown where numbers are in the 40s. but we have 20s in the valleys. we will talk about the mild averages ahead and when we will see some rain. that's all coming up. >> thank, you lisa. also neck, more on the investigation surrounding 49ers star wide receiver michael crabtree as the team prepares for check off in the nfc the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts
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>> 6:120 on this saturday morning. there's lots going o there's high surf advisory, and the surf is big because the mavericks is tomorrow. >> and the high surf advisory going into effect ten o'clock until four tomorrow afternoon. and truckee is at zero this morning. not as cold as last weekend. the numbers have certainly modified in the past week. by the afternoon, once again, we will be looking at numbers anywhere from five to ten degrees above normal. here's a live look outside. you see the bay bridge. nice and clear. partly cloudy around the bay. live doppler 7hd has been nice
6:20 am
and quiet the past week, two weeks and it will stay that way right on through tuesday, perhaps wednesday we will be looking at more in terms of radar returns. but increasing clouds perhaps by tuesday. take a look at these numbers. 52, 22 degrees spread from 28 in fairfield. so we have an offshore wind. they are blowing 15 to 20 miles an hour from the buoys down the coast. you notice the dense air draining into the valleys with 31 livermore. a little comfort to you folks in the north and east bay where it is cold again. gilroy 31 but 45 in monterey. wide-ranging temperatures with seven degrees above normal half moon bay but 1 degrees i should say below yesterday's readings. 24 hour temperature change. it really varies around the bay. but we will look for some uniform numbers in the mid-and upper 60s today. rough surf for the next couple
6:21 am
days. spare the air again today with that offshore flow. we are looking at mild averages right into next week although by tuesday we could see some increasing clouds. with the particulate matter right at the surface, high pressure putting a lid on the atmosphere,we are looking at the poor air quality north and also along the central coast, the san mateo coast. elsewhere moderate air quality. here are the waves at about five feet from bodega bay. the high surf advisory from 10:00 to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. the northwesterly swells up to 20 feet and perhaps up to 30 feet by tomorrow afternoon. a double ridge of high pressure with the surface high to the east of us over novato. with that we are looking at the offshore flow. storm track well to the north, up into the gulf of alaska. eventually it will brake down but it doesn't look like late monday, early tuesday. as it breaks down that will
6:22 am
allow a couple systems to head our way. perhaps by wednesday. if we don't see rain then it looks better toward the end of next week. 46 in tahoe. we will look for the numbers to continue to move up into the mid-60s in fresno with 80 los angeles. 65 san mateo, 66 fremont. hazy afternoon sunshine with 67 for ukiah, santa rosa. 65 in the city. 68 monterey. 70 for santa cruz. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. you will notice that very little change through monday. increasing clouds. a little cooler tuesday, but by wednesday dramatic drop in temperatures, maybe a stray shower, more likely toward the end of the week. it will take some time to break the ridge down. very dry in the upper levels of the atmosphere. that means the rain is going to take its time in returning. so between now and then, we have a lot of mild averages to enjoy. >> all right. thanks, lisa. in sports the 49ers just a day away from playing the atlanta falcons with a trip to the super bowl on the line. but the 49ers are preparing for the nfc championship game with a
6:23 am
new distraction. san francisco police are investigating an allegation of sexual assault involving wide receiver michael crabtree. here's collin resch with more in this morning's sports. >> good morning. harbaugh has to somehow keep his team focused on sunday's nfc championship game while keeping what could be a huge distraction at bay. he has the niners right where he wanted them when the season game in the same position as last year, one game from the super bowl. >> like our focus and concentration to be the highest it's been. i would like guys to go out and play, you know, the best game they have ever played here. i mean, that's the hope, that's the expectation. >> the niners defense will have the tough task of stopping
6:24 am
future hall of famer and former cal bear tight end tony gonzales. he's 35 years old but still laying like a college kid. >> you watch the old kung fu movies and you see the guy with the long beard. the tougher fighter is not usually the young guy, it's the old guy that's been around a long time. i figure like i'm like that. you see every coverage, you see every coverage and you know the angle a guy is coming to get you. i'm out there doing my thing. >> the last time the warriors won in san^antonio, 1997. a losing streak of 27 games. warriors playing without steph curry. a second straight game with the ankle injury. first quarter tim duncan, the splitter and throwing down. warriors led by ten in the first quarter. they close the gap, hit the three at the buzzer. move to the third quarter. golden state up three. david lee, two-handed slush. he had 22. jared jack starting in lays of curry once again. show right, go left. 20 points, 10 assists for jack. too much timmy time late.
6:25 am
timmy duncan. the five-point lead and tony parker doing what tony parker does. he had a game high 25. 28th straight loss in san^antonio. 95-88 the final. warriors 2-5 in january. women's hoop. welcome to the show. stanford hosting ucla. in traffic, spinning. the junior at the 42nd career double-double. 25 points, 13 rebounds. cardinals hand the bruins their first loss in league play. >> the giants first full squad workout of string training is less than a month away. the four key players, including buster posey, will arrive in arizona in a very good mood. posey, hunter pence, blanco, and jose majares, they all avoided arbitration. all received one year deals. the national mvp getting $8 million for the upcoming season. this is yogi berra museum.
6:26 am
the pregame dugout pep talks instrumental in the world series run. hunter pence and the giants agree on a $13.8 million deal. join me tonight at six. mike shumann live reports in atlanta on the eve of the game. until then have a great day, everyone. >> it is 6:27. next, the final preparation force the second inaugural celebration. we have a preview of monday's big event for president obama in washington d.c. and part two of lance and part two of lance armstrong's inte [ loud party ]
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hi, i'm ensure clear... clear, huh? i'm not juice or fancy water. i've got nine grams of protein. that's three times more than me! [ female announcer ] ensure clear. nine grams protein. zero fat. in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. >> today the president and first lady are participating in a community service project in the washington d.c. area. they have asked americans to also take part in day of service to honor dr. martin luther king. there will still be an inauguration party in washington but not as over the top as it was four years ago. abc news karen traverse shows us what to expect. >> hundreds of thousands will pack the national mall on monday. eager to witness in person the second inauguration of president
6:30 am
obama. but they are not quite partying like it's 2009. four years ago a record 1.8 million people gathered to see the swearing in of the first african-american president. >> i do solumnly swear. >> this year officials estimate that about 600,000 to 800,000 will be on hand. >> they expect more than bush's second inauguration, but a far cry from 2009. there will still be some star power. beyoncé, kelly clarkson, james taylor will take part in the swearing-in ceremony. and sure, president obama's supporters will be enthusiastic, but the mood on the mall will be different. the president's speech will reflect that. while the nation is not teetering on the brink like it was in january, 2009, the president is still struggling with the slow economy, high unemployment and voters' lack of trust and confidence in washington. >> we are poised for a good year if we make smart decisions and sound investments.
6:31 am
and as long as washington politics don't get in the way of america's progress. >> before the hard work of the second term begins, the obamas will squeeze in a little bit of fun. in 2009 the president and first lady had a whirlwind night on the town. ten inaugural balls. this year there are just two official balls. one is expected to draw more than 35,000. ♪ they will groove to the sounds of katie perry, smoky robinson, usher, and brad paisley. >> and i like a good party. >> but it could be an early night. the president has a job to do the next day. >> it's been a busy and productive four years. i expect the same for the next four years. >> karen traverse, abc news, washington. >> our coverage of the inauguration begins monday at 4:00 a.m. with a special edition of good morning america. we will also have live streaming coverage at abc7 starting at 6:30 monday morning. >> developing news now in
6:32 am
algeria this morning. algeria state news agency said the country's special force forces stormed a gas installation killing the final militants in a final assault to retake the gas facility. seven hostages have also reportedly been killed in the assault. they say the standoff now is over. the four-day standoff involved islamists extremists holding foreign hostages, including americans. so far we know one american has been confirmed killed and that worker's family was notified. the plant is jointly run by bp, norway and algeria's state-owned oil company. in part two of this interview with oprah winfrey, lance armstrong became emotional when he talked about his son. just past the midpoint of last night's hour-long interview, he described the moment when he told his 13-year-old luke that he was using drugs.
6:33 am
>> i saw my son defending me. sag what you say will my dad is not true. almost goes to the question of why now? you can't -- yeah. that's when i knew i had to tell him. >> armstrong was criticized for not being contrite enough during the first 90 minutes that aired thursday night. >> manetta san jose and oakland airport of removing the scanners that showed naked pictures of travelers. immediately after they were introduced congress issued an
6:34 am
order either fix them or remove them by june. the tsa said the company who made the scanners was not able to come one a software fix to make the scanners comply with the congressional mandate, so he they are going away. >> the man who said he killed his girlfriend while she worked at the bridge said he feels no remorse. he was sentenced yesterday. in 2009 he shot the two at the follow booth at the san rafael bridge. he said he shot them because he thought they had become romantically involved after ross ended their relationship. the head of the california's university system is stepping down. mark udolf plans to step down. he plans to return to teaching law at u.c. berkeley. he said the prior 18 months brought a state of taxing health
6:35 am
issues. though these challenges have been largely overcome, i feel it is time to make a change in my professional lifestyle. he did not elaborate on his health problems. the number of freshman applicants to attend the system for 2013 marks a record high. nearly 175,000 students have applied to attend the university of california next fall. that's a 10.7% increase over last fall. the largest increase is at uc santa cruz with a 16.9% jump in freshmen applicants. u.c. berkeley saw the smallest increase at 9.7%. it is 5:36. -- jack donated an nintendo wii to the burn unit. he got help from the burn foundation which facilitated the fundraising. the 13-year-old said the wii can
6:36 am
help burn victims recover from their injuries. >> it helps them stretch and recover from -- if they don't stretch they can cringe up and it's not good. so this helps them have fun and also recover at the same time. >> jack raised more than $1,500.00 to buy the wii and other items. he said he came up with the idea for the scouting project because his mother is a nurse in the burn unit. now here's dan harris to tell us what is coming up at seven on "good morning america." >> good morning. coming up on gma an exclusive this morning. we have the first big interview with manti te'o about the dead girlfriend hoax. what is takeio saying now. and lance armstrong getting emotional in his latest installment of the oprah interview. and tyler hamilton is going to be with us live. does he think lance is still lying? and news on justin bieber. he survived change his iconic
6:37 am
her-do. this is a picture of his leg. he's creating something of a fashion sensation. we will tell you coming up on gma. >> coming up next right here, we are behind the rest of the country, but now the flu has come to california. how you can prevent your kids from being part of the national epidemic. and a gorgeous, live look outside from our roof cam at the embarcadero, the ferry building, the bay bridge as the sun starts to rise this morning. excuse me, the ferry building is lit up for the 49ers' big game tomorrow. chilly out there now but it will be a
6:38 am
6:39 am
>> we are coming up on 6:41.
6:40 am
as flu season heats up, as many as 20% of americans will get sick. take a look at the danger zone. if someone sneezes, those droplets can spread six feet. in a packed crowd more than a dozen people could be in harm's way. the risk is greatest from the smallest among us. a child's sneeze can spread millions of virus particles ten times more than an adult because adults have a more developed immune system. the centers for disease control have declared the flu outbreak an epidemic and said it has now spread to california. a flu clinic in fremont is hoping to stop the flu dead in its tracks. more from news reporter nick smith. [child crying] >> this four-year-old is not having a good time. watch her squirm and wiggle and hear her scream, but in the end she got her flu shot.
6:41 am
they believe flew epidemics begin and spread to adults from younger children. >> i did what's best. >> this clinic at washington hospital in fremont is just one of many working to stop the spread of the flu. >> this is the worst strain they have seen in a long time. >> and rumors about the virus. >> i was just texting a few girlfriends to ask them if they got the flu shot before i came in here and they said i don't want to get it, every time you get did you get sick, but it will be worse if you go the flu. >> they said this year's flu season is shaping up to be especially severe. children are particularly vulnerable. there were nine pediatric deaths in the second week of january. >> the flu starts in fall and goes to early spring, but january and february are actually the worst months for the flu. >> of the more than 12,000 specimens tested and reported to the cdc, 29% were positive for the flu. this doctor said pneumonia and influenza deaths are above the threshold and cause for concern. >> last year we weren't at this level. we are seeing a higher number of cases than usual. >> cause for alarm?
6:42 am
>> it is. it's cause for concern and a great reason to go out and get your flu vaccine. >> the flu is also hitting the elderly hard. nearly half of those hospitalized because of the flu were over the age of 65. yvonne said she has no plans being among those getting sick. >> the weather has been so cold and we wanted to make sure we didn't get the flu. >> walgreen's is just one area store and cvs is another store that will be providing flu shots throughout the flu season. there are other places you can get your flu shot. for a complete list go to our website. we have the list there. abc7 news. in fremont, nick smith, abc7 news. >> that stuff definitely going around and it doesn't help when it feels cold. >> yeah. we need our vitamin d. plenty of that outside today with sunshine. numbers anywhere from five to ten degrees above average. but mound damage this morning they have a breeze. the upper elevations in the
6:43 am
30s and 40s, but down around santa rosa and sonoma county and by the delta, we are talking upper 20s. 50s at our coast. an offshore flow. high surf. spare the air. rain? we will see that sneak back into our forecast too. all that straight ahead. >> also ahead, cutting edge technology at the dentist office and it could
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> an interesting job is opening up at apple. the company wants a writer to
6:46 am
turn siii, it's personal assistant. into a recognizable character. >> isaac. >> what do you want to say to isaac? >> applicants need to have a love of language, a sense of word play and experience in creative content, especially in a tech environment. so if you have quick jokes and quick comebacks, apple wants to hear from you. heavenly mountain resort at lake tahoe is opening a giant half pipe today for the first time in five years. the half pipe is 18 feet high and 450 feet long. despite the intimidating dimensions, the run is designed for all levels of experience. the half pipe is inside high roller park, one of heavenly mountain's three terrain parks. it opens at noon and it is the only half pipe on lake tahoe's south shore. >> skiers, snowboarders, i don't know much about it. snowboarding? yes. >> snowboarding, yeah. okay. well, if you are going to head up to the sierra nevada, no
6:47 am
delays. and warmer afternoon highs a week ago in the mid-20s. mid-40s today for highs. it's zero right now in the sierra nevada right around truckee. 3 at the tahoe valley airport. this is vollmer peak. the east bay valleys are below freezing. we are talking about still above-normal precip for santa rosa down through san jose with nearly seven inches for the season in san jose. no worries yet, but we do have the possibility of rain in our seven-day outlook. live doppler 7hd right here, right now, showing clear conditions. in fact, we aren't going to look at any cloud cover for the next several days. but by tuesday we will see increasing clouds. the ridge breaks down. that ridge protecting us and we could see a little rain by the middle of the week. and certainly the second half of the work week it's much cooler. speaking of cool, what about cold this morning in fairfield. 28 degrees. 29 santa rosa with 45 in san francisco.
6:48 am
look at half poon bay. 52 degrees. so what a wide range of temperatures. just 31 in livermore. down by the monterey bay we are talking mid-40s here and 31 in gilroy. so really this morning once again that dense air settling into the valley floors and that's why we are looking at the colder numbers from livermore and antioch, even san francisco is chilly and novato 13 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. 7 degrees warmer half moon bay. we will be looking at once again a very sunny day today. but with that we are looking at high pressure pushing down on the atmosphere. so a spare the air day. rough surf over the weekend with the seas building right now. mild averages right through tuesday. by tuesday we could see a few clouds in the north bay. poor air quality from the north bay to the central bay. and better air quality along the santa clara valley with temperatures above normal today. the swells building by 10:00
6:49 am
this morning. the high surf advisory through 4:00 in the afternoon. strong rip currents and large breaking waves throughout the weekend. it's all due to a couple of 8thments coming together. the offshore flow bringing up the wave height, as well. making the shape of the wave better. a big swell into the northwest allowing for the buoys really right now to track the higher waves right on through the next couple of days. a strong ridge holding through tuesday. we will look for the numbers to be above average not only here, but 80 in los angeles, 72 san diego. mid-60s around the bay. a little hazy with the spare the air today over in antioch. 62 in san rafael. and down by the monterey bay we this #* had 70s yesterday. once again very mild. santa cruz 70. 71 hollister. the accuweather forecast, little change. cold again tonight, tomorrow the rough surf. sunny and mild monday. maybe increasing clouds tuesday
6:50 am
and first chance of showers perhaps wednesday in the north bay. we have to wait until the middle to the end of the week to see whether or not the rain materializes. it's been dry for so long. it will take a while to see that. >> all that rain and i almost forgot what it was like already. >> it's been a while. >> thank you, lisa. getting braises on your keith can be an unsettling experience for some patients. now a cutting edge technology is making part of the process a lot more comfortable. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson has the details. >> ellen sue is all smiles when she plays with her newborn son. a smile that's actually improving thanks to evolving technology. >> today we will scan your feet. -- your teeth. >> she's been fitted for the popular invisaline braces. >> it's a departure from the traditional molds used by most orthodontists.
6:51 am
>> now we can have digital models without taking the goopy impressions. >> first he reaches for the scanner that will photograph ellen's teeth. it's connected to a computer system that will ultimately beam the images from her practice in san francisco to the itera lab. over the next several minutes the doctor guides the camera around ellen's upper and lower jaw line. the device is completely optical. no radiation. >> see if we can get these areas here. >> step by step the camera builds a three-dimensional map of her teeth. the computer alerts the dentist if the section doesn't have a complete image so it can be rephotographed. >> it's very precise and very accurate. >> she said the process is typically quicker than traditional impressions which must set in the mouth. >> we would have to leave the goopy impression material that did not taste good in their mouth for three or five minutes. and if it wasn't a good impression, they would have to take another one. >> cost can vary by practice but the doctor does not charge extra for the digital impressions. as for ellen, she's anxious to see the results once her
6:52 am
straightening is finished. >> oh, gosh, to be more confident and not have to worry about what my teeth look like and what people think, you know. >> carolyn said turnaround time also is faster because the images are sent instantaneously instead of having to ship a physical impression. it helps technicians speed up much of the fabrication process. coming up next, get your binoculars out. find out when you can see an
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $70 million mega-millions draw. 8, 18,. >>, 42, 49 and the meganumber is 14. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $80 million. >> if you can't make it to the
6:55 am
louve museum to see the mona lisa, perhaps it would be easier to head to outerspace. n.a.s.a. said they have beamed a picture of it to the moon through a laser. the space agency said the experiment is the first in using lasers to communicate at interplanetary distances instead of radio waves. n.a.s.a. said it's on the verge of revolutionizing the way data is delivered across the solar system. the mona lisa is the most digitalized painting in the world, and now out of this world. scientists are excited for the chance to see an astroid pass close enough to the earth and to be able to see it with binoculars. the telescopes will be ready for astroid 2012 da-14. it will pass by earth next month somewhere in between the international space station and our furthest pd satellites. >> we will know about it well enough to know it won't hit the earth at this time. maybe sometime in the future.
6:56 am
even if it did, this isn't a large one. you wouldn't be around where it landed if it did, but it's not going to cause a catastrophe. >> good to know. >> the astroid will travel slowly across the evening sky on february 15th. they will stay open late so people can get a good lock at it from one of their telescopes. very exciting. hopefully the skies will be clear. it was clear this morning. >> that will be what, a three-week forecast? >> no. >> we are looking for the cold numbers to start again but by this afternoon a spare the air day. hazy conditions. half moon bay, the wave heights are building and we are looking at a high surf advisory from 10:00 this morning through 4:00 in the afternoon. and the dry weather stays with us until the middle of next week. >> lisa, thank you so much. thank you, everyone, for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. a about. c7 news continues at 8:00 a.m.
6:57 am
you asked for it. now the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for android phone or tablet. also the kindle fire. you can download it now from the amazon app store and on google play. it's always been available on it's always been available on theas you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmm, tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news
6:59 am
overnight. the college football star at the center of a bizarre and confusing hoax, speaking out for the first time about the dead girlfriend who never existed. >> and i just went on a rampage. how could you do this to me? >> he admits telling lies. so, was he really conned? also breaking overnight, eyewitness accounts of the terrifying, ongoing hostage crisis in algeria. islamist militants are threatening to kill dozens of westerners. and at least one american is now dead. and lance armstrong's most personal moments yet, in part two of his confession to oprah. he talks about disgrace and shame. and he starts to cry when asked what he told his son. >> i said, don't defend me anymore. >> this morning, a former teammate and friend is in our studio with the first reaction to armstrong's most emotional comments yet. is he still lying?

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